Stories by Matthew Broersma

  • Red Hat patches critical hole

    Red Hat is warning enterprise Linux users to update their installations of XFree86 to fix a number of serious security bugs, some of which could allow attackers to take over a system. Affected operating systems include Enterprise Linux AS 3, Enterprise Linux ES 3 and Enterprise Linux WS 3, Red Hat said in an advisory.

  • HP reveals HTTP vulnerabilities

    Hewlett-Packard has warned of a serious vulnerability in its Web-Enabled Management Software that leaves an unusually diverse range of software open to remote attack.

  • Intel reveals transistors of the future

    Intel and the UK Ministry of Defence spin-off Qinetiq have successfully built transistors using an exotic material called indium antimonide that allows for far lower voltages than is possible with current devices.

  • Linux puts another financial feather in its cap

    One of Germany's biggest financial services companies has migrated its core Web services infrastructure to Linux -- a fresh example of how the operating system is making its way into more important enterprise applications.

  • Linux vendors rush out e-mail server patches

    Several major Linux vendors have warned they are vulnerable to four flaws in a widely used IMAP e-mail server from Carnegie Mellon University's Cyrus Electronic Mail Project. The flaws could allow an attacker to take over a server.

  • WinAmp blows another security fuse

    For those enterprise IT managers who've been eagerly anticipating the next major WinAmp security flaw, the wait is over. Brett Moore of on Tuesday published details of a security hole allowing attackers to take over a PC when a user visits a specially crafted Web page.