Stories by Wendy Brewer

  • KaZaA blocks copycat

    Sharman Networks, the company behind the world's most popular download service KaZaA, has begun a mass campaign to close rival program KaZaA Lite K++ on the grounds of copyright infringement.

  • Epson gets knocking over ink blocking

    US consumers who are tired of paying over the odds for inkjet cartridges are suing printer manufacturer Epson, accusing it of purposely manipulating equipment in order to sell more ink.

  • Security standard moves closer

    The Wi-Fi Alliance has completed the first round of the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) interoperability tests as part of its move towards replacing the WLAN security standard, known as WEP (wired equivalent privacy).

  • IT downturn hits Europe

    The slowdown in IT spending being suffered in the US has now properly hit Europe, according to a study by financial analysts Merrill Lynch.