Stories by Roger Gann

  • McAfee Total Protection 2008

    Cast very much in the same mould as Live One Care and Norton 360, McAfee Total Protection 2008 does what it says on the tin -- it aims to have every possible PC disaster vector covered.

  • Virus slayer packs a punch

    A decade ago, life was much simpler: the only threat to PC security came from viruses. Today, the situation is very different. A mere antivirus program is nowhere near sufficient and most users, rightfully, are highly security conscious.

  • Taking control

    Remote-control offerings aren't exactly thin on the ground - XP Pro has one as standard, and there is always free virtual network computing. But these are one-to-one tools, not perfectly suited to the larger task of administering and supporting networks. For this, you need a product along the lines of NetSupport Manager (NSM).

  • BitDefender protects the fort

    <b>The speed with which an unprotected PC picks up malware from the Internet can be truly scary,</b> hence the rise in popularity of security bundles that combine antivirus, firewall and spam protection.