Stories by Christine Burns

  • Hendrickson keeps on truckin' with UCaaS

    Hendrickson International Corporation is a leading global supplier of truck, tractor, bus and recreational vehicle suspension and heavy-duty spring components to the commercial transportation industry.

  • Microsoft delivers missing Lync for telemed project

    As Microsoft works to convince corporate IT that the underlying VoIP technology in its Lync unified communications platform has the chops to support the slew of applications the Redmond giant has built on top of it, there's no shortage of smaller-scale customers deploying it for interesting uses.

  • What's wrong with SaaS?

    The software as a service market is still in a state of flux and before SaaS can reach its full potential, service providers must overcome integration, customization and brokerage issues.

  • IaaS Case Study: Preferred Hotel Group prefers the cloud

    If you've ever stayed at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, the Chancery Court Hotel in London or the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo, then the Preferred Hotel Group handled your reservation, delivered technology-driven guest services and took care of a variety of other behind-the-scenes functions.

  • OpenStack unlocks IaaS

    Infrastructure-as-a-service is gaining traction in the enterprise with customers lauding the flexibility that it delivers. However, there is still that nagging concern about vendor lock-in.

  • IaaS making slow headway

    When it comes to Infrastructure as a Service - renting on-demand compute, storage and network resources that live in a multitenant virtualized public cloud - midsized businesses are jumping in with both feet. But large enterprises with their own well-established data centers are still dipping their toes in the water.

  • 10 most powerful IaaS companies

    We assembled this list with help from analysts at Cloud Technology Partners, Current Analysis, Enterprise Strategy Group, Gartner, IDC and Neovise who watch the public cloud Infrastructure as a Service scene very closely. Each was asked to name the companies they believed have the most influence -- whether that's measured in market share, mind share, revenue, existing enterprise pull or underlying technology links -- in drawing enterprise customers into the realm of public cloud infrastructure. They are listed here in alphabetical order.

  • Don't be just a PaaS-erby

    The PaaS-abilities are endless. Industry analysts are saying that now is the right time for developers to look to Platform-as-a-service as a viable option.

  • Tips for a successful PaaS rollout

    Any corporate application developer hoping to make the journey to the cloud with the help of a Platform as a Service implementation is wise to listen to those who have already ventured down that path.

  • A world of PaaS-ibilities

    Enterprise developers looking to tap into Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings over the next 18 months will not want for choice. In fact, one could argue that the existence of so many choices is creating confusion and inhibiting the growth of PaaS.

  • Bullish on PaaS

    As early as 2008, <a href="">Bullhorn Inc</a>., a fast growing Boston-based provider of front-office staffing and recruiting management software, was considering the cloud to help streamline development and distribution of its Software as a Service (SaaS) products to over 2,500 customers and 25,000 users in 35 countries.

  • CA weighs in with Cloud 360

    With scores of new cloud companies popping up and so many existing players jumping on the cloud bandwagon, we wondered where the traditional enterprise networking vendors stood?