Stories by Brooks Talley

  • RS/6000 S80 packs a powerful punch

    It is impossible to discuss IBM's new RS/6000 Enterprise Server model S80 without stating the obvious - this is one big machine. At the very least, this server is about the size of two refrigerators. And there are larger configurations than the S80 in the configuration that I looked at.

  • Economical auto-sensing switch impresses

    It wasn't too long ago that only high-end switches had decent management features. But recently vendors have been introducing low-cost switches with management features that rival their high-cost-per-port brethren. The Allied Telesyn AT-8126XL is a good example of an economical switch that still has SNMP management, a Web interface, and a good deal of flexibility.

  • Adept HP analyser needs polish

    As networks have become more critical to business operations, there has been a proliferation of network protocol analysers for troubleshooting tasks. Although Network Associates (NAI), formerly Network General, once ruled this market with its Sniffer line and Novell trotted along behind, there are now hundreds of players to choose from. Some newcomers offer promising innovations but lack the solid corporate backing that's so important when buying products for an enterprise network.

  • Bay gives users local mobility

    With the 802.12 wireless networking standard finally approved, wireless LANs (WLANs) can offer network managers greater interoperability and, ultimately, lower prices. Bay Networks' BayStack 660 is at the front of the pack: Based on its speedy performance and fairly low price, as well as Bay's support, I recommend it for those seeking to deploy a corporate WLAN.

  • PocketProbe packs diagnostic aids in tiny box

    I hate resorting to cliches, but it's hard to talk about Bay Networks' Web PocketProbe without saying that good things come in small packages. Even without its extra features, the PocketProbe FE1100 makes for an inexpensive, full-featured 10/100Mbps RMON and RMON 2 monitor.