Stories by Brian Dooley

  • Tablets, smartphones and the mobile enterprise

    Mobility has become increasingly important as smartphones and media tablets have matured, and cloud-based service delivery has added an important link. Increasingly, the mobile world has come to be dominated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating system, both on smartphones and tablets.

  • The emerging convergence

    Standard telephones, mobile phones and associated components have been a part of the technology and electronics sales sector for years, but they are now to be joined by a wide range of new devices as broadband Internet services become available. In the consumer sector, we can expect to see DSL modems, digital television storage devices, multiservice boxes and the like. In the business sphere, we are beginning to see entire phone systems migrating to the computer network, complete with PABXs, sophisticated voice-mail systems and Web-based call centre management.

  • Tape stands ground in backup battle

    As other media are developing, tape is getting cheaper, more reliable and able to hold more data. It allows you to re-read data stored in older archives and it's a low-cost solution. Brian Dooley looks back at the history of tape and examines options for the future.