Stories by Ed Oswald

  • Analysis: The new Kindle Fire - What It needs to be a hit

    Amazon has kindled the fires of speculation with its announcement of a press event on September 6, which likely signals the launch of new Kindles, including an updated Kindle Fire. The event occurs almost a year since the introduction of the first Kindle Fire. It's also just six days before Apple's expected press event, where the rumored iPad “Mini” may finally make an appearance and pose a true thread to the future success of the Fire.

  • Facebook IPO madness: Own a piece of the giant social network

    Facebook's initial public offering, or IPO, hits Wall Street Friday, and is one of the most highly anticipated tech stock offerings of the past decade. Everyone, it seems, wants to be in on the action. And it's possible to do so--after the big boys get their hands on it first.

  • Cadillac self-driving cars: Out by 2015?

    Google has been getting all of the attention when it comes to self-driving cars, but such technology still seems to be a ways off from hitting the market. The first publicly-available "self-driving" car could come from Cadillac, who is showing off self-driving technology of its own.

  • Amazon's Tablet to be 'hundreds less' than iPad

    The fire sale of the HP TouchPad (and the resulting rush to snag the tablet) proved one thing: if it's cheap enough, they will come. This could be good news for Amazon, who reportedly plans to release its own tablet in late September/early October for "hundreds less" than the iPad.

  • Apple gets ban on Samsung Galaxy S, SII, Ace smartphones

    Despite accusations that it may have altered photos of Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones to strengthen its case, Apple has succeeded in getting a Dutch court to ban the sale of three phones that it claims are too similar to the iPhone.

  • Facebook's planned news feed changes should worry you

    Facebook is tinkering with our news feeds in order to give marketers and developers more visibility. According to the Wall Street Journal, the changes may allow the social networking site to gather even more information on its users.