Stories by Todd Coopee

  • WebCriteria bolsters online experiences

    Providing an efficient and user-friendly experience to online shoppers translates into higher visitor-to-customer conversion rates, increased revenue, and improved customer loyalty. Just ask any of the Web merchants who were plagued during the previous holiday shopping season by intermittent outages, poor performance, incomplete transactions and content errors. As a result, their sales revenues were less than they'd hoped and they suffered irreparable damage to their customer bases and reputations.

  • Embedded intelligence systems making their mark

    Thanks to the Internet and the market explosion of new technologies, embedded systems are becoming smarter and more network-friendly every day. So, whereas today's embedded systems may perform such mundane tasks as synchronising the clock in a microwave oven, tomorrow's systems might download recipes via the Internet or alert repair companies of product malfunction.

  • FirstClass shines for workgroups

    When contemplating a messaging and groupware solution for the entire enterprise, the choice is naturally limited to one of the big three: Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, or Microsoft Exchange. Thanks to rich, customisable feature sets and enterprise scalability, these three heavyweights dominate the collaboration marketplace.

  • Auctions tap into the enterprise

    Once prevalent only in the consumer arena, online auctions are beginning to make serious inroads in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketplaces. By taking advantage of an additional, untapped sales channel, organisations are realising quickly that Web-based auctions can have a significant and positive impact on their bottom lines. Furthermore, integrating auction technology into an existing electronic-commerce site provides differentiation from competitors and generates additional Web traffic.

  • QVOD works well with fast networks

    Web administrators who are looking to integrate video and multimedia applications into their enterprises should give QuickVideo OnDemand (QVOD), Version 4.0, from InfoValue Computing some serious attention. This video-enabling software - the latest release of the company's flagship video-streaming software for Windows NT environments - doesn't require expensive hardware and supports all of the major video formats. Best of all, it will scale as your hardware and networking infrastructure changes.