Stories by Georgina Swan

  • Minolta-QMS adapts its reseller program

    Minolta-QMS will announce a new warranty and service program to its authorised resellers, following a series of industry focus groups which highlighted service levels as one of the main factors in determining product advantage.

  • Distributor lends helping hand

    LAN Systems has announced it will run a program to help resellers become accredited Cisco partners - and boost sales to boot. The Networking distributor will rerun its successful Road to Premier program on a rolling basis, aiming to double the number of companies who receive subsidised training. Under the program, resellers that buy a set amount of Cisco equipment through LAN Systems over a six-month period will have the training cost of Cisco certification training paid for by the distributor.

  • Digi dumps distributors

    Networking vendor Digi International has cut back its distribution partners, leaving Tech Pacific its sole distributor in the channel.

  • IDC: Mac OS and Linux on the rise

    Microsoft will remain the most widely used and accepted operating system, despite the rising popularity of Linux and strong Apple sales, according to an IDC report.

  • BCN delays channel portal

    e-commerce technology is moving faster than implementation time, with companies holding off their e-commerce rollouts to make sure their solution is the most up to date in the marketplace.