Stories by Georgina Swan

  • Palm zires handheld frenzy

    Palm is clawing back handheld market share from Pocket PC devices with its new Zire product which topped sales during the Christmas season.

  • Acer signs with Digiland

    Digiland has teamed with Acer to provide its complete range of products throughout Australia. Acer has appointed the distributor a Mastergold channel partner. Digiland will take on the vendor’s range of desktops, notebooks, handhelds, servers and peripherals.

  • Small enough to use on the bus

    It is time ultra-thin notebooks made their mark in the mainstream market. It’s time we starting extolling the virtues of light notebook computing to all and sundry and as part of this grand scheme, I am writing this on the bus on the way home.

  • Vivendi sales lure Interplay

    Games publishing house Interplay has changed distributors yet again, signing on with Vivendi Universal Publishing for distribution across the Asia Pacific.

  • Linksys appoints Digiland

    Digiland has expanded its networking portfolio, signing on with networking vendor, Linksys, for its complete range of networking products.

  • Big Blue tweaks iSeries

    IBM’s revitalised iSeries server line-up will give customers the ability to “switch on” extra computing power as needed.

  • DNAML rides the ACD distribution train

    Australian software development house DNAML has entered into a distribution deal with ACD Systems International that could take its digital WebBooks files to more than 33,000 corporate users worldwide. The announcement comes as the software development house launches version three of its flagship product DeskTop Author.