Stories by Nancy Gohring

  • Ericsson beefs up push offer

    Ericsson released the latest version of its enterprise "push" offering, allowing handheld device users to search a corporate contacts list and sync with corporate databases, in addition to receiving push e-mail.

  • Orange launches new device for business users

    Following T-Mobile Deutschland's lead, Orange announced it will start selling a handheld device based on the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. Orange is touting the SPV M5000 as a device that can offer users an alternative to carrying a laptop.

  • Vodafone to launch HSDPA

    Vodafone Group said it plans to trial in the UK HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access) early next year, with a commercial introduction to follow mid-year.

  • Nokia offers businesses mobile e-mail service

    Nokia has introduced a new software platform to support mobile business applications, starting with push e-mail. The company joins a handful of other enterprise e-mail providers and vendors that are trying to penetrate a market dominated Research In Motion (RIM) with its Blackberry devices and software.

  • Nokia revises third quarter guidance upward

    Nokia upped its sales forecast for the third quarter due to higher device sales and a smaller decline in handset prices than expected. Instead of results in the Euro 7.9 billion (US$9.7 billion) to Euro 8.2 billion range, sales should reach between Euro 8.4 billion and Euro 8.5 billion, the company said in a statement.

  • Oracle to buy Siebel in US$5.85 billion deal

    Oracle has agreed to acquire business applications vendor Siebel Systems in a deal valued at approximately US$5.85 billion, or a net value of US$3.61 billion taking into account Siebel's cash reserves, the companies announced Monday.

  • Barriers exist to business traveler Wi-Fi use

    A Gartner study cited educational, cultural and financial reasons for what it concludes is a low rate of Wi-Fi hotspot use among business travelers. With more than 60,000 hotspots around the globe, 25 per cent of U.S. and 17 per cent of U.K. business travelers use hotspots, the study found.

  • Sun plans Galaxy launch on Sept. 12

    Sun Microsystems plans to introduce a new line of servers, code-named Galaxy, in New York City on September 12, company officials said. With these new servers, which will use Advanced Micro Devices's Opteron microprocessors, Sun may be attempting to regain some of the market might it once wielded.

  • It’s a wi wi world

    WiMax and ZigBee. No, they’re not filling in for Siegfried and Roy on the Vegas strip or replacing Regis and Kelly on television. They’re two new wireless technologies that belong on your radar screen.