Stories by Nancy Gohring

  • CEBIT - Nokia updates mobile blogging software

    Mobile bloggers using a new version of Nokia's Lifeblog software can automatically attach location, time and relevant calendar information to photos, videos and audio clips, Nokia said Wednesday. The new software, Lifeblog 2.0, will also allow users to attach audio clips to their blogs.

  • Sybase upgrades RFID software

    Sybase on Monday introduced software aimed at helping enterprises analyze and integrate data collected using RFID (radio frequency identification).

  • IBM subpoenas Microsoft, Sun and HP in SCO case

    The long-running legal battle between The SCO Group and IBM over source code ownership could uncover some interesting relationships, after IBM requested this week that Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and BayStar Capital turn over documents relating to their communications with SCO.

  • 3GSM - Linux will reach mass-market phones, says MontaVista

    Even though many Linux supporters say that Linux is ideal for low-end handsets, Linux-based operating systems today are being used primarily on high-end phones. But that will change, said Peder Ulander, vice president of marketing for MontaVista Software.

  • Cingular PC Card enables worldwide mobile Net access

    Cingular Wireless said on Monday that it will soon offer customers a single PC Card that can be used to wirelessly access the Internet in the U.S. as well as around the world. Typically, operators that enable global wireless data roaming require users to have multiple PC Cards that operate in different parts of the world.

  • Cisco, Kineto team for converged service

    Cisco Systems and Kineto Wireless are working together to make it easier for mobile phone operators to move from trialing services that let mobile phone customers roam between Wi-Fi and cellular networks to offering commercial services, the companies announced on Tuesday.

  • Downloadable book aims to ease wireless networking

    Several community wireless and networking specialists have just completed a free, downloadable book designed to instruct people in remote corners of the world on how to build their own Internet connections using wireless gear. While the book itself is noteworthy in that it offers a resource that could have a strong impact on the livelihood of people in remote areas, equally interesting is the way in which it is being distributed.

  • New Trojan horses threaten cell phones

    Three new malicious programs are hitting certain mobile phones, anti-virus companies have warned. The Trojan horses, or programs that are disguised as legitimate applications, spread via Bluetooth or multimedia messages and can affect phones running the Symbian operating system.

  • Motorola makes fat profit from slim phone

    Motorola's earnings per share for the fourth quarter 2005 nearly doubled, driven by sales of mobile phones, the company revealed late on Thursday. While some of Motorola's results, such as operating margins on mobile phones, worry investors, the positive results are a sharp turnaround from just a few years ago when Motorola struggled to stay afloat.

  • NTT, Telefonica to connect international data networks

    In order to offer a more global service to customers, NTT Communications and Telefonica International Wholesale Services said on Thursday that they've connected their networks. The agreement means that Telefonica Wholesale, a Telefonica company, can offer its customers services in Asia Pacific and NTT Communications can offer its customers access in Latin America.