Stories by Mike Kavis

  • Blog: Are you Insecure about SOA Security?

    Service-oriented architecture (SOA) creates tremendous opportunities for companies to integrate across departments, across systems and across enterprises. Integration can help simplify business processes, improve speed to market, allow companies to react quicker to changes in the business, and share data and services. For example, SOA architected correctly can allow an e-commerce site to integrate seamlessly with its suppliers, distributors, credit card companies and consumers. After a customer places an order, a flurry of messages is orchestrated by the system without asking for any of the users or systems to login each time.

  • Ten reasons why people make SOA fail

    In early July, when vice President and research director Anne Thomas Manes presented at the Burton Group's annual Catalyst conference, she said most SOA failures are due to people and cultural issues more often than for technology issues.