Stories by David Legard

  • RSA cracks profitability problem

    Security and encryption systems vendor RSA Security has posted a net profit of $US1.7 million on revenue of $US61.3 million for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2003, the company said.

  • IDC: China, Taiwan to be Asia's next broadband stars

    China and Taiwan will see a rapid growth in the number of broadband Internet access subscribers and will begin to challenge South Korea, currently the largest broadband market in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan), according to research released by IDC.

  • Smaller, faster disk drives on the way this year

    Smaller hard disk drives, faster drives and the opening up of the market for disk drives in consumer electronics devices will be among the key industry milestones in 2003, according to the International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association (IDEMA).

  • IDC: Asia Pacific storage sales continue recovery

    The storage market in the Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) grew 13.2 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2002 in terms of the total number of terabytes shipped, and 5.1 per cent in terms of revenue earned, showing a recovery from a 2001 and early 2002, according to figures released by IDC.

  • IDC: LCDs to outsell CRT monitors in 2003

    Sales of LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors will top $US20 billion in 2003, overtaking revenue from sales of conventional CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors this year, according to research released by IDC.

  • Security firm finds a hole in Sun One

    Security specialist @Stake has said that a module that ships with Sun Microsystems' One Application Server has a flaw that could be exploited by outside attackers and could give them control of the running Web server.

  • Sun: Overturning Java order will damage us

    Sun Microsystems faces "irreparable harm" if an injunction ordering Microsoft to include Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) with its products is overturned, Sun has said in a legal brief.

  • Silicon offers double the battery life, lab says

    Adding a controlled amount of silicon to the graphite normally used in the anode of a lithium-ion battery may double the energy storage capacity of that battery, according to researchers at the US Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories.

  • African telecom liberalisation boosts services

    Telecommunications liberalization is gathering pace in many African countries and has resulted in rapid growth in take-up of services, especially mobile services, according to a report by independent telecommunications analyst Paul Budde.

  • Optus boosts SingTel figures

    A strong showing by Optus and several other overseas subsidiaries has enabled Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) to lift revenue by 9.5 per cent and net profit by 2 per cent in its latest financial quarter.

  • Dataquest: Consumer shipments boosted 2002 PC sales

    Worldwide PC shipments in 2002 reached 132.4 million units, an increase of 2.7 per cent over 2001, according to preliminary figures released by Dataquest, a unit of Gartner. This compared with a 4 per cent fall in sales from 2000 to 2001. Dataquest expects a strong 7.6 per cent PC sales increase worldwide in 2003 over 2002.