Stories by Steve Jefferson

  • 3G promises the earth

    The third generation of mobile telecommunications technology - or 3G for short - should be fully implemented sometime between 2003 and 2005.

  • Broadband tools extend enterprises' reach

    The challenge in allowing employees to work at home lies in providing access to the same information services available in the office. Addressing this problem, companies such as Linksys Group and WatchGuard Technologies have created all-in-one hardware boxes - respectively EtherFast 8-Port Cable/DSL Router and WatchGuard SOHOtc - that can convert a single broadband connection into an extension of your corporate LAN.

  • Paint Shop Pro broadens scope

    The pool of non-designers who need to create graphics for company Web sites and related materials has grown into a huge, relatively untapped market. These employees have a critical role to play in producing business graphics, despite not having been trained in graphics design or the use of complex graphics-design programs such as Adobe Illustrator.