Stories by Mark Heers

  • ILM - to all data there is a season

    Every weekend across cities, people chase bargains in garage sales. Sellers pick up a few dollars for books, clothes, CDs and other knick-knacks no longer desired or required. Consider the clothing for a moment. Undoubtedly stored in the main cupboard and worn regularly when bought new, the clothes probably traversed a life of being moved to a secondary cupboard (maybe for the winter), returned to the main cupboard for the following summer before being packed in the attic and finally relegated to the garage to be sold off for a fraction of its original purchase price.

  • The future of storage standards

    Recently, I packed a bag, fuelled the car and drove a few hours away for a relaxing weekend. After checking in, I went for a shower and plugged my electric razor into the wall for a shave. The dinner and evening were excellent but that is another story...