Stories by Greg Enright

  • Is videoconferencing coming to the masses?

    Networking professionals have been hearing a lot about the coming of videoconferencing to their computing environments for a long time. Until now, at least, the talk hasn't translated into the actual number of deployments most vendors have been hoping for.

  • Cisco branding for Linksys a good idea

    Late last month, Cisco CEO John Chambers sent a small wave through the small and medium sized networking market when he suggested during a discussion with European press members that the company's Linksys brand of networking equipment will "all come, over time, into a Cisco brand."

  • Getting network-ready for Web 2.0

    Forget the bar scene, the golf course or the water cooler. Anyone seeking a place to socialise these days doesn't have to look much further than the nearest Web browser.

  • Cisco spreads next-gen message at conference

    Network managers can expect to hear a lot more about cutting-edge network services from Cisco Systems Inc. if the company's message resonates with attendees of its annual Partner Summit heldin Honolulu last week.