Stories by David Essex

  • E-sleuths make Net safe for e-commerce

    The widely publicised denial-of-service attacks on popular Web sites earlier this year have made companies increasingly willing to invest in sophisticated security-monitoring products - and the personnel needed to analyse the resulting reams of data.

  • New motherboards could cut PC costs

    Members of competing chip camps recently announced new standards meant to make it easier and cheaper to build networking and audio features onto PC motherboards. Hardware manufacturers are most affected, but the result could be cheaper home PCs with more features, configurations, and expansion slots.

  • Memory leap: Siemens ships 256MB RAM chips

    A division of the German electronics giant Siemens AG has claimed to be among the first to ship 256MB SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) chips, heralded as the next major leap in RAM capacities. The expensive chips will go first to high-end workstations and servers, where they will multitask graphics programs and ease the growing load on Web servers.

  • High-speed Rambus coming in 1999

    High-performance RAM technologies are set to debut this year in high-end PCs and workstations, while per-megabyte prices are likely to remain at their current low levels, according to chip experts and PC makers. The big news will be the debut of Rambus DRAM, which runs at 600MHz and higher, more than four times faster than the top limit of the already impressive Synchronous DRAM that became dominant last year.

  • 3Com puts troubleshooter on the Web

    3Com's free Web-based troubleshooting service, announced last week at the Networld trade show in Atlanta, may hold enough answers to save 3Com and its customers substantial time and money on tech support calls.