Stories by Joris Evers

  • Fiorina to get millions, home security

    Two days after the ouster of Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard (HP) on Friday detailed the severance package for its former chairman and chief executive officer in a regulatory filing.

  • Microsoft pitches displays for laptop lids

    Microsoft wants PC makers to mount cell phone-like displays on the lids of laptop computers so users can check the time, battery status, appointments or see if new e-mail has arrived without having to open and start up their PC.

  • Oracle offers beta of Visual Studio plug-in

    Oracle on Wednesday showed off a test version of a plug-in for Visual Studio .Net 2003 that allows developers using the Microsoft tools to build applications that can run on the Oracle 10g database.

  • Microsoft promotes 'smart clients'

    Three years after introducing Visual Studio .Net and the .Net Framework, Microsoft on Monday promoted the benefits of the developer tools and demonstrated some of the updates coming later this year in Visual Studio 2005.

  • Microsoft tries to nudge Tablet PCs into the mainstream

    Some two years after its introduction, Microsoft is seeking to drive its Tablet PC technology into the mainstream with lower prices. But some analysts say that alone won't do the trick--and not many PC vendors are helping Microsoft's effort.

  • Microsoft posts record Q2 revenue

    Citing strength across its business, Microsoft has reported record revenue for its second fiscal quarter that beat its own guidance as well as Wall Street's expectations.

  • Microsoft to require Windows piracy check

    Microsoft in mid-2005 will put a piracy lock on two of its download Web sites, requiring all Windows XP and Windows 2000 users to validate their copy of Windows as genuine before downloading software, the company said Tuesday.

  • Microsoft readies BizTalk Server upgrades

    Microsoft by mid-2006 plans to release a new version of its BizTalk Server business integration software, offering support for SQL Server 2005 and simplified management, among other features.

  • Microsoft's Longhorn may blend Tablet PC, Media Center

    Microsoft plans to drop the Home and Pro tags with the next release of Windows, code-named Longhorn, and is looking at shipping a single product that includes the features found in today's Windows XP Media Center and Tablet PC editions.