Stories by Joris Evers

  • ICANN fails to resolve at-large election question

    After building PDA (personal digital assistant) and cell-phone hybrids based on operating-system (OS) software from Microsoft Corp. and its rival Palm Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. said Thursday it is working on a device running Symbian Ltd.'s OS software.

  • Nokia sees lower Q1 sales, better profitability

    Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile phone maker, expects to easily meet or exceed its own pro forma earnings per diluted share forecast for the current first quarter, even though sales are slower than expected, the company said Tuesday.

  • Palm ordered to post bond in Xerox patent dispute

    A federal judge has denied Xerox's request to stop sales of Palm handheld computers, but has ordered Palm and its former parent, 3Com, to post a $US50 million bond as insurance in a long-standing patent dispute.

  • Judge grants Napster time to probe record companies

    Napster, the online music exchange shuttered by the recording industry's legal action, is allowed to investigate whether the record companies misused their copyright in attempt to control the market for online music, a U.S. District Court Judge ruled Friday.

  • Hidden viruses can circumvent server-based protection

    E-mail viruses can circumvent server-based antivirus protection and attack users of certain Microsoft e-mail clients when part of the malicious code is hidden in the header of an e-mail message, a Dutch expert said last week.

  • LINUXWORLD: Group releases Linux standards

    Thanks to two new standards announced Thursday, software applications should soon be able to run across different versions of the open-source Linux operating system, and Linux offerings will likely be made available for a broader set of international markets.

  • Flaw in Win2000, NT4.0 makes domains 'too trusting'

    A flaw in the way Microsoft's Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 server operating systems authenticate users across domains could allow somebody with administrator privileges to extend that power to other domains, Microsoft warned yesterday.

  • Ellison: Oracle remains unbreakable

    Oracle Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison said Thursday that Oracle software remains unbreakable and mocked a memo sent this week by arch rival Bill Gates stressing to Microsoft's employees the importance of security in the company's products.

  • CERT: Exploit circulating for CDE hole in Solaris

    Hackers are actively exploiting a known vulnerability in Sun Microsystems' Solaris version of the Unix operating system, security experts said late Monday, urging administrators to check if their system is vulnerable.