Stories by Joris Evers

  • Intel draws plan for portable media player

    Intel, in an effort to further expand its business beyond computers, is developing a blueprint for a portable media player that relies on Intel hardware, the company said on Wednesday.

  • IBM joins .Net program for developers

    IBM joined Microsoft's Visual Studio .Net Integration Program to make it easier for developers to build applications for its DB2 database in forthcoming Windows .Net environments, IBM said on Wednesday.

  • HP unleashes new high-end NonStop server

    Hewlett-Packard took the wraps off a new top-of-the line NonStop server on Wednesday, the NonStop S86000, that HP says offers as much as a 170 per cent performance boost, according to HP's internal order-entry benchmark, over previous NonStop S-series servers.

  • Intel to offer complete Itanium 2 server

    Intel plans to offer a complete four-processor Itanium 2 server as part of a broad set of products around the soon-to-be launched second processor from its 64-bit Itanium family, Intel said this week.

  • Microsoft to buy Navision

    Microsoft has agreed to buy Danish business software developer Navision A/S in a transaction valued at about $US1.3 billion, the software giant said on Monday in the US.

  • Kournikova virus maker appeals sentence

    Jan de Wit, the 21-year-old Dutchman who was sentenced last September to 150 hours of community service for creating and sending out the Anna Kournikova e-mail worm, is appealing the verdict, his lawyer said Friday.

  • Dell to sell Dell-branded projectors

    Dell Computer plans to start selling Dell-branded projectors in the US next month, and in the rest of the world later. The projectors can be connected to a computer to project what is displayed on the screen onto a whiteboard or other surface.

  • Net2Phone, ADIR sue Cisco over VoIP technology

    Net2Phone and its subsidiary ADIR Technologies have filed a lawsuit against Cisco, seeking compensatory and punitive damages for breach of contract, the charging companies said on Tuesday in a statement.

  • Samsung covers bets with Symbian-based cell phone

    After building PDA (personal digital assistant) and cell-phone hybrids based on operating-system (OS) software from Microsoft Corp. and its rival Palm Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. said Thursday it is working on a device running Symbian Ltd.'s OS software.