Stories by Mike Brown

  • Accounting for the software market

    Not that long ago, the chore of keeping bookkeeping records for all but very small companies was accomplished by a team of clerks. The size of that team usually grew in direct proportion to the firm's financial success. But the introduction of electronic data processing, and especially the advent of the personal computer, has meant that much of the drudgery formerly associated with the task of financial record-keeping has been eliminated. And, thankfully, offices chock-full of calculator-crunchers are, for the most part, history. But for most SME business managers, the job of selecting the right financial system is one that involves a considerable amount of research and care. Mike Brown takes a look at what's on offer.

  • Accounting for taste

    For many home PC users, the problems associated with buying a record-keeping system don't begin with deciding which system will "do the job".