Stories by Stacy Collett

  • How to tame printer chaos

    Are you turning over every stone to find hidden savings? The Procter & Gamble Co. is, and it found millions of dollars -- all hidden under thousands of printers and copiers.

  • Forecast 2010: Cloud computing: Love it or hate it?

    It seems that IT leaders are warming up to cloud computing, with its promise of elasticity, utility-based billing, multiple storage locations, and the ability to pull data directly from storage devices. In fact, cloud computing ranked second (behind virtualization) as the technology most beta-tested in 2009, according to Computerworld's 2010 Forecast survey of more than 300 IT executives.

  • What to ask before launching a storage virtualization project

    NASA's Infrared Processing and Analysis Center wasn't shooting for the stars when it turned to virtualization to meet its storage needs. IPAC's cash-strapped effort to record images of our universe -- up to 30 million objects captured each night and 42 billion records over the life of the project -- required big storage capabilities, and the engineers needed them fast and at a low cost.

  • How to build your next data center

    Today's data centers pack more processing power into smaller physical spaces than ever before. But too much of a good thing creates new challenges for next-generation data center design.

  • New online payment options emerging

    About 95 per cent of all online purchases were made with credit cards last year. But that could change as software developers and electronic payment services unveil a variety of new payment options.

  • Y2K evangelist seeks to cash in his URL for $US1M

    After six years of creating awareness of possible Year 2000 glitches as the result of the date rollover from 1999 to 2000, Canadian computer consultant Peter de Jager says his work is nearly done and he's ready to cash in his URL.

  • Game over: Browser 'market' is gone

    Internet browser competition is over, and Microsoft is the winner, with Netscape Communications a distant second, declared Zona Research. The US analyst has issued its final browser study and will no longer follow browser competition. Zona first conducted browser market studies in January 1996, when there were nine players on the browser frontier battling for a slice of a $200 million market.

  • Net demand will drive outsourcing to $110 billion

    Companies that have finished Y2K testing and remediation are now setting their sights on outsourcing, especially for Internet and intranet management, according to a new report by Input, a Californian market research firm.