Stories by Scott Spanbauer

  • Windows XP service pack posted

    Microsoft's first service pack update to Windows XP - sporting dozens of security and bug fixes, additional driver support, and interface changes, plus one minor change to the Windows XP activation feature - is scheduled to be available for download now.

  • INSIDE & OUT: Windows XP dissected

    Should I get it?" That's what everyone wants to now about Windows XP. We won't keep you in suspense: for most Windows 98 and Windows Me users whose systems can handle it, the answer is yes.

  • Microsoft to Whistle new Windows tune

    Though still whistling, Microsoft's next desktop operating system is finally stepping out of the dark with last week's release of Whistler Beta 1 to a limited group of developers and hardware vendors.

  • Windows Millennium goes multimedia

    Has the multimedia bug bitten you? Do you linger over those iMac commercials promising easy-to-produce home movies? Do your digital audio files outnumber your CDs, or at least your cassettes? And do you even know where your old-fashioned film camera is?

  • IE 5 survival guide

    Microsoft's latest browser has been out for a few months now - long enough for the irritating interface glitches, security flaws, bugs and incompatibilities with other applications to manifest themselves fully. The good news: IE 5 is more stable than IE 4.0 was at the same stage in its development. The bad news: IE 5 is buggy. Fortunately, you can fix or work around most of the problems.

  • Windows 98 Service Pack due in 1999

    Microsoft announced yesterday that it plans to release a package of Windows 98 fixes and enhancements to beta testers by the end of this month. Product Manager Kim Akers says the final version of Windows 98 Service Pack 1 will be posted on the company's Windows Update Web site in early 1999.