Stories by Elliot Epstein

  • Consulting Room: Toxic jargon syndrome

    I love federal elections – the marginal seat analysis, the gaffes and the wonderful way truth is an afterthought in the campaign. If we sold ICT products and services the way the politicians sell us their policies we’d either have a very busy help desk or an entire law firm handling litigation in the basement.

  • New Year sales: Lead from the front

    If you work with a sales director, please surgically remove his/her BlackBerry and place this article under their ubiquitous device of preference. If you are a sales director, please close your spreadsheet on headcount, stop sweating the forecasts and read on: Here are key tactics for winning sales in the climate of 2009.

  • The relationship review

    Many people today take some timeout with their spouse over a bottle of red or even a weekend away to constructively discuss how their relationship is going and how to keep improving it. It's a chance to reflect on the luvvy duvvy bits as well as those endearing behaviours such as 'talking during the football' and 'leaving your undies on the floor'.

  • Approaching technology sales with Gordon Ramsay Style

    Gordon Ramsay is the @#$%^ hottest thing on television right now. Apart from the ubiquitous swearing, part of his appeal is his ability to tell the truth about the situation his restaurateurs are facing and then how, if they listen, they can build a fabulous business.