Stories by Ursula Seymour

  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11.0

    There are now three main players on the home video-editing stage -- Ulead Videostudio, Adobe Premiere Elements and Pinnacle Studio. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11.0 is owned by Avid, a leader in professional video editing, and this version sees some high-end additions borrowed from its experience in the industry.

  • BitDefender Internet Security 10.0

    BitDefender provides a full suit of armour to protect your PC when it's online, either while you're browsing the Internet, sending e-mail or simply while your PC is connected via always-on broadband. It does so with the help of a suite of tools: antivirus, spam protection, parental controls, firewall and antispyware. This selection of weapons more than matches those offered by other Internet security suites, including Symantec and McAfee.

  • Canon tackles counterfeit problem

    Following the seizure of 20,000 fake Canon cameras across Europe the Japanese manufacturer is backing the EU and the Anti-Counterfeit Group’s (ACG) campaign to crack down on the pirated goods.

  • Battle of the spying sexes

    It may be 75 years since women were given the right to vote, but decades of feminism don't seem to have affected the work/life split when it comes to where men's and women's true interests lie. At least that seems to be the findings of a survey carried out by NOP on behalf of Internet security firm, Symantec.

  • Serious slump in Sony sales

    Japanese giant Sony has been hard hit by sluggish demand for its core products, including electronics, movies, games and music, as it announced a drop in profits of a massive 98 per cent.

  • Lufthansa rolls out broadband across fleet

    Lufthansa AG will become the first airline to offer a commercial broadband service across its longhaul fleet. By signing a deal with Boeing to become the launch customer for its Connexion mobile information service, Lufthansa retains its lead as the airline providing the most cutting-edge technology to its passengers.

  • Gartner foretells future of technology

    As 2002 draws to a close, IT experts are indulging in that annual tradition of forecasting the future of technology. Research organisation Gartner is no exception and it has released its predictions of the Key Technology Advances from 2003 to 2012.

  • Sony to target business laptop market

    Consumer brand Sony wants to sell its notebooks to large companies - a strategy which raised more than a few eyebrows when it was announced at its recent VIP Conference in Barcelona.