Stories by David Braue

  • Gartner: networks need to get future ready

    Latency issues and increasing data volumes mean attempts to shoehorn demanding new communications technologies onto existing networks will lead network engineers to trouble, a Gartner analyst warned yesterday.

  • IDC: IP telephony still holds promise for VARs

    Even though increasingly simple VoIP technology is convincing many companies to opt for self-installed IP telephony systems, a recent IDC survey of 250 Australian companies found that value-added resellers (VARs) have many opportunities to cash in on the sector's growth.

  • Spyware getting smarter

    Sometimes, the worst threats are the ones you cannot see right in front of you. John Malkovich's presidential assassin from the movie In the Line of Fire knew this, smuggling innocuous components past intense security screening then assembling them into a workable gun.

  • Users find VoIP hard going: Avaya

    Voice over IP's popularity may be surging, but incorrect implementations challenge many companies which are running into bigger problems than ever.

  • The Dangers of Mobility

    Do you know where your data is? Probably not, if your employees are using notebooks, smartphones or other devices.