Stories by Elizabeth Wasserman

  • MS/DOJ: Maritz acknowledges pressure on Intel

    A top Microsoft official this week acknowledged that the software company pressed chip giant Intel to pull an Internet multimedia software product off the market in 1995 and to later back away from embracing Java cross-platform technology.

  • The Microsoft Files: Gates denies pressuring Intel

    Microsoft's Bill Gates denied taking steps to dissuade Intel from developing Internet software but he did describe the chipmaker's software products as being of "low quality" and "incompatible" with Windows during his video-taped deposition in preparation for Microsoft's antitrust trial. In a 15-minute segment of the videotape, Gates steadfastly rejected government claims that Microsoft attempted to press Intel to stick to hardware and stay away from the software trade. "We were having a hard time coordinating our work with Intel, and we thought the quality of some of their work was very low as well as not working with any of our new Windows work," Gates said.

  • The Microsoft files: Microsoft marketshare key, AOL says

    Under intense cross-examination on Wednesday, an executive of America Online insisted that the key reason his company chose to incorporate Microsoft's Internet browser technology instead of Netscape's product was because Microsoft offered to place AOL on its market-dominant Windows operating system desktop screen. The testimony of David Colburn, AOL's senior vice president of business affairs, may have helped substantiate the charge that Microsoft used its dominant position to gain advantage in other markets and knock out competitors.