Stories by Allison Taylor

  • SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 adds Opteron support

    Microsoft announced on Monday that it would add support for Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s (AMD) Opteron to its next release of SQL Server, due out in 2005, providing customers with simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing. The company also announced the release of the second beta version of SQL Server 2005.

  • SOAP 1.2 gets the nod from W3C

    The World Wide Web consortium (W3C) has given recommendation status to the latest version, 1.2, of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) specification — a protocol used for exchanging structured information in distributed Web services environments.

  • Microsoft launches Solomon 5.5

    Microsoft Business Solutions has fully integrated its Solomon Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application with several other Microsoft applications, as the latest upgrade - version 5.5 - rolled into Canada yesterday.