Stories by Leslie Goff

  • Californication: The Making of Netscape

    When Netscape founder Jim Clark got together with browser developer Marc Andreessen, an idea was born which laid the foundations for Internet browsing as we now know it. Leslie Goff investigates

  • Worm could be catastrophic

    If someone were to release a worm today equivalent to the one Robert Tappan Morris Jr unleashed on the Internet on November 2, 1988, it could potentially bring about a global social and financial crisis.

  • Inside Intel with Gordon Moore

    Gordon Moore still has a bottle of Napoleon brandy signed by the gang that helped get Intel up and running in 1968. The company co-founder and chairman emeritus won the bottle by wagering that by the end of that year, all the manufacturing gear for making semiconductor memories would be in place and the process would be ready to go.