Stories by Mark Hall

  • Giving iPhone its moment in history

    There are moments in history that place one-to-many communications media in pivotal roles. These events ("Where were you when you heard...?") become elemental markers in history not just because of the enormity of what happened, but also because of how they were conveyed to the world.

  • On the Mark: Apple vs. IBM

    In late October, a buddy from my MacWeek days e-mailed me with this half-joking dig: "Apple's worth more than IBM. The Mac wins!!"

  • Green In and Out

    There are two kinds of people: optimists and pessimists. Sadly, I'm one of the latter. So I wasn't surprised when the vast majority of scientists concluded that human contributions to the buildup of greenhouse gases are a key component of global warming.

  • Analysis: After Gates, the new world of Oz

    Microsoft is officially handing its future to Ray Ozzie, who is replacing Bill Gates as the company's chief software architect. Over the next two years, Gates will be giving up his responsibilities to Ozzie and Craig Mundie. But it's Ozzie who gets the role of chief software architect (CSA), the most significant of the jobs Gates is relinquishing.

  • Not a darn thing you can do

    Spammers steal IP addresses ... and threaten the Internet's system of trust among networks. Malware malcontents, especially spammers, are temporarily stealing IP addresses from their rightful domains and using them as their own for as little as five minutes but as long as a day.

  • Unpleasant success

    The surly Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once observed, "It's just as unpleasant to get more than you bargain for as to get less." He must have been thinking about mass storage systems.

  • Opinion: It's no Mac world

    Consumers who attend Macworld Expo Web will have multiple course options to choose from. But IT professionals will have almost no sessions to attend at this week's event in San Francisco. In fact, the first course offered to "Mac Managers" is called "Linux for the PPC".

  • Barrett sees IT future in peer-to-peer technology

    Intel CEO Craig Barrett last week told an audience of 4000 developers at the company's semiannual technical conference that peer-to-peer computing is becoming a technology "that IT managers are going to have to worry about".

  • IBM to push AS/400 into ASP arena

    Not unlike the legendary Beach Boys and Huey Lewis and the News, who entertained IBM's 4000 independent software vendors, resellers and distributors here last week, IBM is ready to continue rocking and rolling with its venerable AS/400 server in the fast-growing application service provider (ASP) market.

  • Jobs wows Macworld with new client OS

    Steve Jobs, who has dropped the "interim" from his role as chief executive officer of Apple, has demonstrated publicly for the first time the client version of Mac OS X and new Internet tools before a packed and cheering auditorium here.

  • Costs haunt ASP market

    Application service providers (ASPs), which see themselves as IT replacements for some organisations, are suffering from a lack of profits and business fragmentation that could stop market growth in its tracks.

  • Dobbs keynote address dismisses market troubles

    Despite global tensions caused by solar flares, Y2K and Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, "the good times are to continue, particularly for those involved in the Internet". Such is the sentiment of Lou Dobbs, former host of CNN's Moneyline and now chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Internet startup Spacecom, at last week's Internet Commerce Expo keynote here.