New director for NCR

NCR, the multinational provider of "relationship technology", recently announced the appointment of new director Paul Novak. NCR hit the headlines in March with its acquisition of Australian-based Memorex Telex.

Despite the recent turmoil, Novak is positive about his future with NCR and the group's relationship with Memorex Telex. Novak has already travelled throughout Australia and the region, visiting NCR offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, and feels that his appointment has been well accepted by staff generally.

The new director identifies his principal aim as "trying to leverage the Memorex Telex name back into NCR's portfolio". He also expressed a desire to extract the company from the financial difficulties that Memorex Telex has been experiencing and "enhance and beef up the services".

Memorex Telex is touted to join NCR's High Availability Services (HAS), which the company sources describe as "driving NCR's networking business along with high-availability support services for companies including Cisco, Sun and Dell".

Novak has spent the past four years working as a worldwide HAS Global Program director within NCR's marketing block. According to the company, Novak's previous experience includes direct sales, sales support, marketing, partnership relationship management and the establishment of remote networking and management centres.