Love is in the air!

Head for the hills! Our PCs are being invaded! Run while you can still get away!

Tabloid had a real chuckle when the latest virus epidemic spread round the world last week.

News services kicked into overdrive with report after report about the latest threat to IT systems.

For anyone caught hiding under a rock last week, the "Love Letter" Internet worm populates through Microsoft Outlook, e-mailing itself to addresses in a user's name and address book.

But like all good viruses, the real "damage" is done by those ne'er-do-wells, innocently alerting the entire world to the virus' existence.

At last count, unsolicited Love Letter warnings outnumbered the real virus by at least 10 to two in the Tabloid office.

Prime offenders include urgent e-mails from colleagues and well-meaning friends, and the usual trail of messages from PR companies with antivirus clients (yes, we know every vendor has a fix or patch for it).

But what's really reassured us is NSW's Minister for Information Technology, Kim Yeadon, who writes in a press release: "Government moves to squash the ‘love bug'."

By the time you read this and you're still battling the angry lover, Kim recommends you visit for tips and tricks. But don't worry, there's a simple solution you might not have thought of. "The simplest way to prevent the spread of the virus is to just delete any suspicious e-mails," he said in the release.