Unified messaging to skyrocket

The local market for unified messaging services (UMS) is set to increase tenfold by 2004, according to Brian Goodman, CEO of First In Mail, a local UMS distributor.

Goodman, whose company has the exclusive rights to distribute the First In Mail UMS in Australia and New Zealand, said technologies such as the internet were making messaging systems a viable proposition in contrast to separate paging, voicemail, email and fax solutions.

The First In Mail UMS, designed on US-based Tornado Development's TEMS unified server architecture, integrates email, phone, voice mail, paging and fax capabilities into a single mailbox which can be accessed via the internet or telephone at anytime from anywhere in the world.

According to US-based research company Ovum, the local UMS market is expected to be worth $277 million by 2004, Goodman said.

"The speed at which we now work makes the ability to access one's communication tools integral to business success."