3Com cagey on restructure

3Com Australia has refused to comment on worldwide speculation it may follow the spin-off of its Palm operations with further reshuffling.

The company last week explained it "wasn't talking to the media" because until its quarterly earnings announcement, it was in a "quiet period".

However, US sources said that 3Com may spin off pieces of its Network Systems business unit and significantly restructure other parts of the company. The Network Systems business unit oversees development and marketing of the company's large enterprise LAN switches and remote access platforms for service providers.

According to the s ources, the company's senior vice president, Edgar Masri, has met with consultants to discuss restructuring and reorganisation options in an attempt to maintain shareholder value momentum after the Palm IPO spin-off.

3Com took 5 per cent of Palm public last week to return a dividend to shareholders. By Byron Kaye