Bright Software initiates channel recruitment drive

The rapid uptake of broadband and proliferation of smart handheld devices has seen Australian mobile application developer, Bright Software, hit the recruitment trail.

Despite originally developing its BrightServer, BrightBuilder and BrightForms platform suites with the channel in mind, a lack of familiarity on which verticals to address had seen the company initially sell direct, national sales manager, Gary Caddy, said.

"As the products are mobility platforms they can work across all verticals, but there was the perception in the channel that if it can't work in a specific vertical then they shouldn't be considering it," he said. "So we had to go out there and work with some companies direct so we all knew it would work in their specific sectors."

Twelve months later, the company had developed a customer base of 10 companies, including Citizen Watches and Crown Castle, and had drawn the attention of IT giants Sun Microsystems and IBM, engineering director, Muharrem Bilgin, said.

"One of the reasons we founded the company and created the software was that everyone was seeing a huge spectrum shift in the price and capabilities of mobile devices," he said. "However the software until now had not caught up with the infrastructure and hardware."

Bright Software had recently partnered with the two vendors to create mobile application servers for 25, 50 and 100 mobile field workers, Caddy said.

"The bundle is there so systems integrators and resellers can sell it straight into businesses," he said. "That allows them to concentrate on developing the application for their customer rather than worrying about all the add-ons."

Using this approach the company hoped to build upon its initial recruitment grab of six resellers, growing its channel to five in each capital city by year's end, Caddy said.

"We want to drive this business down the SI and reseller track so we don't have to concentrate on direct sales," he said. "Instead we can concentrate on improving the product and doing the R & D - that's what we're really about."

Brightsoft would look to reinforce its fledgling Australian channel and customer base until early next year, when it would seek to expand to the US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific markets, Caddy said.