CXP connecting for storage repairs

As more and more storage components get rolled out into customer sites, one thing resellers can be sure of is that eventually one or more of these parts are going to go down. And while the world is touting services, services, services, fixing a busted tape drive isn't always high on a reseller's agenda.

That is until now, claims New Zealand-based storage repair and leasing company Connexion Point (CXP), which has launched a subsidiary in Australia.

CXP provides service support for backup and archiving technologies to resellers and end-users to minimise high repair costs, poor installation and lengthy turnaround times.

David "Doc" O'Connor, group general manager of CXP claims that because the company is vendor independent and a niche player, it has accumulated a specialist knowledge of nearly every storage device on the market - from the edge of the desktop, to large libraries and high-end enterprise systems.

CXP is an authorised repair centre for all Quantum DLT products and an authorised Sony repairer in New Zealand. But Doc claims the company is currently negotiating authorised repair centre agreements with a host of storage vendors.

In much the same way some car repair companies will loan or lease a replacement while the customer's is getting fixed, CXP will lend tape drives or libraries while it fixes the original under its SWAPIT (Service With Absolute priorITy) service agreement.

Doc claims one of the issues with resellers sending customer drives and other components back to the vendor while under warranty for a direct swap, is that many customers want the same drive back because they've taken time to label the drive in accordance with their network. With CXP, the customer is assured its drive will always be the one that comes back.

Channel companies can resell CXP's support and repair services, enabling them to "own the customer" with "trade price incentives," claims Doc.

Connexion Point Phone: (02) 9477 4011