Saratoga joins TurboLinux distributors

Adelaide-based Saratoga Distribution has been appointed as distributor for the most popular commercially available Linux package, TurboLinux.

Saratoga joins state distributors MPA systems (Victoria), Intellitron (Queensland) and AIT (Sydney) as well as national distributor Tech Pacific.

"We are expecting the volumes involved to be in the hundreds each month, although it is difficult to say what the initial sales demand will be," said Saratoga's Ivar Stanelis. "It is a very popular product, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region."

The products, which include TurboLinux Server, TurboLinux Turbocluster Server, and TurboLinux Workstation, will be backed by a mainstream advertising campaign over the next few months.

Stanelis said the company was looking for resellers, who he expected to make margins of around 30 per cent on the product.

TurboLinux marketing manager Peggy Arsenis said the state-based distributors would provide training and technical support and the company expected sales to be quite aggressive. "The popularity of Linux is growing very quickly," she said. "We foresee it being a big market."

Arsenis said the challenge the Linux system faced was in developing a greater range of workstation applications such as Adobe and MYOB which would allow the product to gain a higher profile within larger corporations. "Developers already know how to use the product and it is a matter of the market developing itself," she said.