NetPoint embarks on reseller hunt

Australian-based software developer NetPoint yesterday revealed its plans for an IPO later this year. NetPoint also intends to build a value-added reseller network to distribute its web framework software, called Forty-Two.

The company claims its products enable customers to "manage, design, develop, and deploy sophisticated web-based ebusiness and other intranet-supported applications without extensive IT department support".

NetPoint describes its Forty-Two framework as a software platform that can be enhanced via a library of reusable business applications, which can either be plugged into the framework itself or operate as standalone software.

The company is currently relying on a distribution network of independent sales agents, which, according to NetPoint, has established a steadily growing customer base.

In the lead-up to the IPO, NetPoint has set out to expand its customer base through a value-added reseller network. "I am specifically looking for agents, VARs and the like here in Australia," explained NetPoint channel manager Gary Mink.

Mink said NetPoint's mission is to provide leading corporations with an internet strategy that creates new communication channels between the business and their partners.