Diamond on fire with NT offering

Diamond Multimedia is looking to be the dominant graphics vendor in the high-end Wintel space with its Fire GL1 professional graphics accelerator aimed at the mid-market. It features IBM's graphic chip set for the Windows NT platform and supports Intel's Pentium III Streaming SIMD Extensions, the combination delivering the first 256-bit engine to the Windows NT workspace.

"The Fire GL1 fills the existing price-point gap between entry-level graphics accelerators and specialist or professional designer products," said Peter Vandershaar, country manager for Diamond.

Fire GL1

256-bit graphics rasteriser that can deliver 15 million anti-aliased vectors per secondCDRS-04 score of 116250MHz RAMDACColour screen resolution of up to 1920 x 1200Multi-screen supportMulti-threading capabilities that offload geometry functions onto a second processor.

Plug-and-play drivers for Windows NT