HP extends e-services into web hosting

Expanding its current E-Services-On-Tap initiative, Hewlett-Packard has begun offering web-hosting services to businesses that desire a strong business-to-business hub without the cost of deployment, an HP representative confirmed on Friday.

HP's E-Services-On-Tap initiative, which was announced last month, provides billing, tutorial, and messaging services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

By moving into the web-hosting domain, HP plans to apply the same pay-as-you-go model to a modular web farm that will give customers the freedom to choose how much bandwidth and storage they feel they need and to pay for only the amount actually used, according to HP representative Brian Schwartz.

This "aggregated, standardised computing power plant", as Schwartz called it, is actually a collective infrastructure of about 30 different vendors, including Cisco Systems and Microsoft, each under the program leadership of HP.

Customers will be able to scale out their individual hubs as business grows or requirements change.