Enterprise Solutions- Briefs

Enterprise Solutions- Briefs

Outsourcer outsources

2000 is being touted as the year of outsourcing, so what could better demonstrate its benefits than having one of the biggest global players outsource communications to concentrate on what it does best. While it has been general knowledge since December, Cable & Wireless Optus confirmed to its stock exchange friends last week that the deal to provide communications infrastructure and services to leading outsourcing and integration company CSC had been signed, sealed and delivered. As a result, C&WO will handle integrated voice, data and IP services to CSC's corporate, government and defence contracts for at least the next five years. The contract is worth over $500 million.

. . . and CGU turns to Optus too

CGU Insurance has outsourced its voice, data and communications services to Cable & Wireless Optus in a three-year, $21 million contract. Under the deal, CWO will be responsible for facilities management of all CGU communications needs, including the supply and maintenance of its communications infrastructure. CGU outsourced its telecommunications infrastructure in an effort to focus on its core business, officials said. The general insurance company has some 3000 staff in 80 branches around Australia.

MITS-on defence

Systems integrator MITS, an operating unit of publicly listed Utility Services, has won a $2 million tender to contribute to a major satellite communications project being undertaken by the Defence department. The Melbourne company will work on a satellite control and monitoring component of the solution using its proprietary Mosaic software. The deal opens up local and international Defence market opportunities for MITS' and its `distributed management environment' solutions.

SCO unveils new portal

Network software specialist SCO has unveiled a `UnixWare 7 Migration Portal' which it insists is designed `to assist resellers and developers optimise applications and solutions for the UnixWare 7 operating system'.'s Unix fixThe thin-client phenomena has finally expanded out of its Windows NT pigeon-hole with specialist company Citrix Systems revealing last week it is to develop its MetaFrame technologies for Unix for the first time. Citrix has been working on a Unix system for over 12 months with a Solaris version expected to emerge from research with Sun Microsystems in March.