Mid-range CRM a potential GoldMine

Mid market-focused CRM vendor GoldMine Software has entered into a cross-equity exchange agreement with Peregrine Systems which the former promises will represent a good opportunity for local resellers wishing to make the migration to a more services-centric business model.

As a result of the deal, GoldMine becomes Peregrine's worldwide master "value-added reseller" of a number of Peregrine products which will be sold in concert with GoldMine's HEAT helpdesk software, according to a press statement.

Chris McFadden, managing director of Goldmine's Asia-Pacific operation, said most CRM vendors in Australia are selling solutions that were originally designed for enterprise companies. GoldMine's heritage is in the mid-range space, he said, which in the US equates to the size of company that represents 95 per cent of what Australians would refer to as "enterprise" customers.

The real opportunity for local channels from Goldmine's products, McFadden said, is in being able to get involved with the "business process re-engineering" that is essential to effective implementation of true CRM solutions for customers.

Training and accreditation is provided by GoldMine and the rewards are significant, according to McFadden.

"Margins are typically 35-45 per cent on licences and 40 per cent of ongoing maintenance revenue stream while they get to deliver 100 per cent of the associated services revenues," McFadden said. "How many of their other partners are allowing them to keep 60-80 per cent of the total sale value?"

GoldMine is looking for channel partners on geographical zones as well as vertical niches and product lines. "We are happy to talk with suitable resellers," McFadden said.