Local Cabletron unfussed about being quartered

A new name is expected to be the only change to business for local Cabletron customers following the announcement in the US that it plans to split itself into four independent companies.

Ian Fewtrell, managing director for Cabletron Australia and New Zealand, said that locally the networking vendor has already been operating under the new structure, where key focus areas are the service provider, enterprise, professional services and network management markets.

"We've basically been operating in this form for some time - a name change may be the only difference," he said. Aside from a few operating changes, it will be "business as usual" for the local team and customers.

It is unlikely Cabletron will operate as four separate companies in this marketplace, but Fewtrell said there is a strong possibility the organisation will change its name. Details are still being confirmed, but Fewtrell suggested Enterasys Networks may be the new name.

"Zero impact" is expected for customers and Cabletron's local distribution and reseller channel will continue to operate as normal, he said. "[The change] is all about unleashing shareholder value."

The four new companies, which Cabletron plans to make public within the next 12 months, will be Riverstone Networks, Enterasys Networks, Global Network Technology Services (GNTS), and Aprisma Management Technologies.

Fewtrell would neither confirm nor deny the transformation was made to increase the company's chances of being acquired, but said: "That's what an IPO is all about. They may well become part of another company . . . every company on the stock market is up for sale."