Primus introduces new DSL and ASP services

Primus Telecommunications has continued a busy week with the launch of its Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service, Jetstream, and its second foray into the application service provider (ASP) market.

The Primus DSL service operates using high-speed DSL modems over copper -- providing a permanent connection to a Primus DSL line card. The service provides high-speed access while reducing delays with connection, busy signals and other access problems.

Ravi Bhatia, managing director, Primus Telecom Australia, said the speed with which the information age has evolved is remarkable. "The introduction of DSL technology is part of the evolution of this great age we now live in, and the doors it opens up for Australians in a wide variety of areas is mind-boggling.

"Our US and South American experience shows that within a brief period of a few months, Primus has acquired hundreds of DSL business subscribers."

Access speeds for DSL services, which use a dedicated line per user, can reach up to 8Mbps, or 140 times faster than a high-speed dialup modem. Each DSL access line is dedicated to a single user, ensuring no congestion with other Web surfers.

Primus intends to make its DSL service, which comes in a range of speeds, available to corporate businesses and households in major capital cities, regional Australia and territories, over the next 12 months. The service will initially be available in greater CBD areas in all major capital cities.

The company also announced its second major ASP contract. It will provide data centre services and technical support for Melbourne-based liquor industry services technology company -- a Net startup with plans to distribute liquor to restaurants and bottle shops.

In September, Primus won an $8 million contract to supply the data communications infrastructure for the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce network.

Primus' e-commerce general manager, John Dowell, said the Australian SME sector would save tens of millions of dollars using the company's e-commerce technology.

"Primus' investment will be the key that unlocks the shackles which have held Australian businesses back for so long. This is the boost SMEs need to get out there and show the world just how good Australian businesses really are," he said.