Integrator unveils Clayton's ASP

Network integrator Memorex Telex has installed a remote network and Website management system, but marketing manager Oliver Descoeudres says it is not becoming an application service provider.

The Australian networking company completed the installation of an integrated remote network management system this week, allowing helpdesk operators to access client network statistics and Web traffic information from a single PC.

According to Descoeudres, the purpose of the integrated management system is to heighten the productivity of Memorex's network control centre (NCC), thereby providing faster support for clients.

Descoeudres said the integrated management system (NIMS) would use HP OpenView and CrossView back-end software systems to enable helpdesk staff to comprehensively monitor networks and Website use of the company's enterprise clients.

"We will be replacing OpenView with something more flexible," he qualified. He expects OpenView will soon be replaced with a customised in-house software system.

Helpdesk staff would be able to compile customised network reports to clients in "a few hours", where previously it took weeks, he said.

Although Memorex Telex would remotely manage client networks, Descoeudres said NIMS provided a different service to ASPs because clients' software would not be hosted by Memorex Telex.

NIMS took four months to install and cost Memorex Telex $150,000. The integrator would not charge clients extra for the service, Descoeudres said.

Memorex Telex, a wholly owned subsidiary of $US28 billion company Kanematsu, currently has 20 enterprise-level Australian clients, Descoeudres said. He would not speculate on how much additional revenue would be attracted due to NIMS but expected a 40 per cent increase in revenues in the next year.