ArrayComm, Redback to link wired, wireless worlds`

Wireless technologies developer ArrayComm and networking vendor Redback Networks have detailed an alliance to develop advanced network solutions for broadband wireless access.

The collaborative effort will merge Redback's Subscriber Management System with ArrayComm's i-Burst technology to produce wireless systems for integration with wired networks, according to officials.

Nitin Shah, executive vice president and general manager of ArrayComm's Internet Products Business Division, commented that the partnership is part of Arraycomm's strategy to leverage existing infrastructure through partnerships, instead of building from the ground up.

According to Shah, Arraycomm is still short a few key elements to build out the iBurst platform and is in talks for wireless spectrum, network operator, and partners to create end-user devices.

Many Internet service providers are hesitant to expand into new arenas, pointed out Craig Mathias, principal of analyst firm Farpoint Group.

"Most ISPs are really pretty timid when it comes to expanding beyond their basic business model. It'll take the early adopters, the really adventurous ISPs," Mathias said.

Marty Cooper, CEO and co-founder of Arraycomm, and inventor of the mobile phone, believes if you build it, they will come.

"The reality is that the modern paradigm is to get out and build it, and create a de facto standard. When that standard's proved and when it's shown to be commercial, shown to serve the needs of some important part of society, it will be adopted," Cooper said.