Taking the Mickey out of Internet World hype

Rule number one: journalists hate getting out of bed early. Rule number two: if you manage to coax them out of their hollows before 9.00am it better be for a good reason.

Yep, another IT trade show at Sydney's Darling Harbour. Internet World's official media breakfast launch at 8.00am the Tuesday before last promised it all. We were being lured with tantalising reports of the Brave New Unwired World Fashion Show, a "Hollywood star" and some "interesting" execs to spout forth.

Strangely enough, the four models sporting the unwired IT products looked exactly the same as previous images used and no, the speakers had NOTHING interesting to say.

But Tabloid's tired spy is able to overcome such disappointments, because what really stuck in the mind was the amazing Hollywood star.

Apparently flown in for the launch of Disney Online, Mickey Mouse joined two embarrassingly uncoordinated dancers dressed in silver space suits on the platform above the Exhibition floor, some 40 metres from the awe-struck scribes.

It wasn't so much the appalling choreography, however, that tickled the funny bone. It was the few crickets Tabloid thought it heard when Mickey's hands went up and the music stopped, signalling the finale to his grand appearance.

Tabloid's spy reports he was one of three scribes to offer a golf clap, after an awkward silence, out of sympathy for the poor actors.

Needless to say, the PR people who over-hyped the media launch are in the bad books. Using Internet-style hype to promote an Internet show is "very pre-dot-com crash".