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The APC SurgeArrest series of UPSes are the latest in affordable protection for the home and small and home office user.

The series is designed to protect against the most common causes of hardware damage and data loss, including line noise, lightning strikes and everyday power surges. When most surge suppressors fail, they still allow harmful after-shock surges to pass through. SurgeArrest prevents these from reaching connected equipment.

Available now, the SurgeArrest comes as a basic unit in the form of the standard Per5-AZ as well as the Per5T-AZ which comes with built in telephone line protection for Internet equipment such as modems.

Other features standard with both products include:l Wiring fault indicator - automatically detects potentially dangerous wiring problems in the wall circuitl Five safety outlet floor models - provides enough outlets to protect entire electronic systems and features child-safe outlets to prevent potential accidentsl Protection working LED indicator - warns if SurgeArrest circuitry is ever damagedl Catastrophic event protection - SurgeArrest prevents harmful after-shock surges from reaching connected equipment.

APC also offers a two-year replacement warranty for products damaged by a surge or lightning strike. The Per5-AZ and Per5T-AZ are priced at $54 and $76 respectively.

American Power Conversion: (02) 9955 9366,


The ProPower Ultra is the latest UPS product from Upsonic, with a return to traditional form. The large input voltage window allows the Ultra to operate within most environments, while the output voltage is regulated to an impressive ± 1 per cent, making the ProPower Ultra suitable for sensitive applications including medical, telecommunications, data centres, and all types of industrial environments.

It features the true double conversion (online) UPS topology, still regarded as the most effective power protection platform. Unlike most UPS systems of this size, an isolation transformer is also built into the design to filter out any remaining impurities and to act as an added line of defence to ensure that the equipment being protected is safe and secure at all times.

Utilising the latest technology, the ProPower Ultra may be configured in a unique master/slave combination providing an ultimate "hot-standby" operating mode for environments where power irregularities can not be tolerated.

A complete range of connectivity options are available, including SNMP modules, remote power control units, software monitoring solutions and a range of hardware products to ensure total connectivity and communications with most operating platforms and protocols. For specifics of current pricing, e-mail

Upsonic Power: 1800 634 307,


The PowerSure ProActive UPS is the latest addition to the Liebert PowerSure family. The product is aimed at a wide range of users providing protection at the 350VA, 470VA and 700VA sizes depending on customer's needs. The ProActive features autosensing capabilities at 50Hz or 60Hz and is intended as a cost-effective option for the protection of PCs, point of sale terminals, networking and other computer equipment.

One of the big draw cards of the ProActive is that it uses the voltage regulation features of the higher end Line Interactive UPS topology. This means that power anomalies are managed in such a way so as to cut down on the number of times the unit is likely to go to battery.

Liebert is positioning the product as an affordable means to protect against more serious power problems than many cheaper UPSes are less effective against.

These include frequency variations, lightning, surges, spikes and blackout. For pricing information e-mail

Liebert: 1800 622 274,


France's The Merlin Group has just released its new range of high-end Pulsar Extreme UPSes designed to meet the power protection requirements of networking equipment including servers, switches, routers, telecommunications gears as well as heavy medical and industrial machinery.

As with most products occupying the higher end of the UPS spectrum the Pulsar range delivers "online double conversion technology which manages power between the AC and DC sources with the battery used only as a last resort.

For total network management, the Pulsar allows users to add a USB, SNMP, JBus or Relay contact communications card. This establishes the UPS as an independent entity on the network.

The Pulsar also ships with high performance battery charger which MGE claims can achieve 80 per cent recovery from scratch in just two hours making it faster than the chargers of competing products.

MGE: (02) 9879 6344,


Sola 325 UPSes provide intranet-ready advanced power protection, safeguarding workstations, servers, and PCs from lightning, surges, over-voltages, blackouts, brownouts and sags. 325 400VA, 750VA, and 1000VA models incorporate 10Base-T network surge suppression.

For networked applications, the 10Base-T connection for Ethernet network connections also is protected from "backdoor" surges. 325 offers Sola's PowerSteady user-selectable buck-and-boost voltage regulation, allowing PCs and workstations to ride out under- and over-voltages without draining the batteries. The 325 features Windows 95/98 Plug and Play, and hot-swappable, user-replaceable batteries. Easy-to-read front-panel LEDs and audible alarms furnish power quality and UPS status information, helping system administrators and users monitor and react to power problems more effectively. The 325 includes free CheckUPS II Suite v3.x power management software and connecting cable. The 325 is covered by a two-year limited warranty and comes in three different units depending on the protection required.

The 400VA model is priced at $360 while the 750VA and 1000VA versions are priced at $600 and $795 respectively.

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