PC Solutions briefs

M+H Power Systems releases King Office

M+H Power Systems has announced its King Office range of power protection products will be available from August this year.

The products are primarily designed for SOHO applications, featuring line interactive UPS protection with buck and boost control, full-time surge suppression, Australian output sockets and extra non-battery backup sockets for keeping peripheral equipment such as modems, printers, faxes and phone systems safe from power disturbances.

Retail pricing starts from $ tears away in the high-res scan sprintPolaroid has released a new high-resolution graphics scanner, the SprintScan 4000. Polaroid claims it is the first 4000 dpi scanner able to produce scanned images of 54MB file size in under one minute at an optical density of 3.4. The scanner comes with PolaColor V4.5 software and an ex-GST RRP of $2095.

IBM triples capacity of Microdrive

IBM announced it has tripled the storage capacity of its Type II Microdrive while reducing its physical size to increase the storage capacity of handheld electronic devices.

Weighing less than an ounce and no bigger than a 10 cent piece, the IBM Microdrive is capable of packing one gigabyte of data storage, a threefold increase from its 340MB Microdrive released last year, the company said.

The new Microdrive will be able to offer high-capacity data storage to a range of handheld products, including digital cameras, handheld PCs, personal digital assistants (PDAs), portable Internet music players and video cameras, the company takes on Crusoe with single-watt chipsOpening a fresh round of competition on the low-power front between Intel and new kid Transmeta, Intel has introduced what a source close to the company called "the fastest mobile processors in the industry."Two of the processors arrive with a new twist from Intel: single-watt power consumption, a benchmark formerly held exclusively by Transmeta's Crusoe processor.

The announcement comes weeks after Transmeta said its much-awaited Crusoe processor, which also requires just a few watts of power to operate, will appear in the US in Internet appliances before the Christmas shopping season.